Clash of the titans: Moringa or Argan oil?

Among so many beauty oils that we have at our disposal there are just few that are on the leading edge. Obviously, the most popular is argan oil, yet it has several tough competitors like for example moringa oil. Which beauty oil is better? Which one will aid you in daily body and hair care? Find out!

moringa and argan

Moringa Oleifera Oil or Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil?

Moringa oil

It’s extracted from moringa tree kernels. Being a lightweight oil, it’s easy to spread on skin and hair. Its chemical composition is similar to olive oil’s. It’s resistant to going rancid. Before applying to skin, moringa oil has to be tinned with other beauty oils. The key ingredient of moringa oil is this precious oleic acid. Moringa oil found its application in full body massage, the production of soap and oils for aromatherapy. What’s interesting, the first records concerning moringa oil reach 1400 B.C. – it’s believed to be used to prevent wrinkles.

Argan Oil

It’s extracted from endemic to Morocco kernels that grow on argan tree. The finest one is cold-pressed and unrefined. Over 30 kg of argan kernels are needed to obtain 1 liter of the oil! This is equally lightweight and well-absorbing oil offering numerous applications – it can be used to condition hair, face and body skin, fingernails, eyelashes and eyebrows. Not only is it well-tolerated by skin but also it brings relief to irritated dermis. Argan oil contains a higher concentration of vitamin E when compared to olive oil and its chemical constituents include over 100 other compounds (also natural sunscreens). Unprocessed argan oil is edible, yet it’s used in cosmetics more often.

argan oil nanoil baby hair oil

Which oil is better?

The title of the best beauty oil that is more universal and the most effective goes to argan oil. Why?

Argan oil is the winner because:

  1. Offers more beneficial omega acid ratio.
  2. Contains a higher concentration of the vitamin of youth (E).
  3. Can be used solo (triggers no adverse effects).
  4. Penetrates faster and doesn’t cause irritations.
  5. Is universal – suitable for all hair and skin types.
  6. Is more effective in combating first signs of ageing and regenerating.

The finest: Nanoil Argan Oil

While choosing an argan oil, it’s suggested checking its origin and quality. Due to an immense popularity, it’s highly possible to come across either counterfeits or blends of argan oil that have nothing, or just little in common with the genuine argan oil. To prevent this, you can reach for a proven product.

Nanoil Argan Oil is the highest quality guarantee – it’s cold-pressed, unrefined, 100% organic and bio-compatible.

Its biggest asset is the composition free from parabens, silicones and synthetic aromas. In other words, Nanoil Argan Oil equals genuine argan oil obtained through traditional cold-pressing process of argania kernels. Owing to this, the oil contains:

  • a huge concentration of vitamin E, which has an antioxidative effect.
  • precious unsaturated fatty acids omega-6.
  • squalene, which is an essential substance for our skin.
  • dozens of nourishing mineral compounds.
  • natural sunscreens.

Nanoil Argan Oil in hair and body care

What are the benefits of using Nanoil Argan Oil? What effects are produced if we apply the oil to skin, hair and nails?

nanoil argan oil kernels natural beauty oil

HAIR: Nanoil Argan Oil appears to be the most effective on high and medium porosity hair. However, when used as a hair styling agent, it might be applied to all hair types.

When regularly massaged into scalp, Nanoil Argan Oil reinforces hair bulbs, prevents hair loss and encourages its growth. When used in hair oil treatment, argan oil doesn’t only leave hair thicker but also rebuilt. This is one of the strongest natural beauty oils that makes hair soft, bouncy and healthy. Consequently, the hair apprentice improvement follows.

SKIN: Nanoil Argan Oil should be applied mostly to dehydrated, damaged, mature and acne-prone skin. However, it conditions all skin types equally well.

Nanoil Argan Oil can be applied as a commercial balm/cream alternative. Also, it can be used in the form of a face mask base, deeply nourishing serum, makeup removing oil and massage oil. When used systematically, the oil provides skin with adequate hydration and nourishment, it smooths skin out and leaves it soft. Moreover, pure argan oil reduces cellulite and discolorations. Also, it noticeably rejuvenates skin – not only face skin but also body skin. Finally, it erases fine lines and leaves skin radiant and healthy.