What is moringa hair oil?

Moringa oil is extracted from the fruit seeds of moringa tree also known as the miracle tree or horseradish tree. The process of producing the oil consists in cold pressing and not refining (cleaning) the substance. Moringa oil should be stored in tightly closed container, far from air, light and dampness. We must remember that it coagulates in a fridge whereas heated up to 70° loses its precious properties. Extraction and storage methods affect the influence that the product has on our hair and skin as well as on the effect of the work of nutritional ingredients. The ingredients are i.e. fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, stearic, eicosanoic and linoleic), minerals (potassium, iron, manganese) and vitamins (C, A, E).

hair-care.jpgMoringa oil is designed for hair and skin care. It has strong moisturizing and restoring properties. It smooths wrinkles, lightens discolouration, improves flexibility of the face skin, keeps proper level of water in deeper layers of the skin and keeps face shape in good condition. What’s more, it supports rebuilding the skin cells, reduces the effects of tired face skin, eliminates upswellings and shadows under the eyes.

Moringa oil brings equally good results in case of hair and scalp. It regulates the work of sebaceous glands, hinders oily hair, prevents excessive sebum secretion. Also, it alleviates irritation, helps to fight dandruff and other dermatological conditions of the scalp. It strengthens hair bulbs and makes hair less prone to chemical and mechanical damage. Thanks to moringa oil, hair is easier to comb out and style. Blow-drying and other styling treatments become simpler and safer: strands are protected by an oily layer which saves from the effects of hot temperature and ingredients included i.e. in hair dyes and some shampoos. Besides, moringa oil smooths and helps to tame unruly strands, also so called baby hair. During regular applications, hair ends become less prone to damage. They are restored and don’t split.

How to apply moringa oil? The product may be applied to dry or wet hair. You warm up a few drops of the cosmetic in your hands and apply it to the entire length of hair. You can also rub moringa oil into ends or scalp. A massage will improve blood circulation, speeds up the absorption of active ingredients as well as improve the work of hair bulbs and follicles. After around one hour, wash the product away with a delicate shampoo and let the hair dry off freely.